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DNA Activation & Lightbody Protection Guided Meditation  

Learn a powerful light protection technique which is 100 times more powerful and effective than the bubble of white light that will help you clear, align, protect and strengthen your energy body which will then help you to repel negative, dense or disharmonic frequencies associated with all types of negative energy, psychic attack and all other means of personal field infiltration. 💖


Not only is this technique powerful for the protection that it provides for you BUT this light technique also ...

💖 begins the process of activating the 8th through 12th chakras
💖 assists with the opening of the crystal seals in the body which otherwise block DNA activation
💖 it helps to trigger DNA activations which progressively and automatically activate the full merkaba
💖 amplifies the results of spiritually focused activities
💖 harmonizes personal and environmental energies
💖 helps to clear karmic imprints which otherwise block DNA activation and the attainment of true consciousness expansion and full embodiment of the Christos Principle
💖 realigns, revitalizes and regenerates all aspects of the physical and subtle body systems and more!

So as you can see this technique is much more than just a protection tool, it reconnects you to your 12th dimensional blueprint and ZenFriend it gets better still ➡️ it helps you learn energetic boundaries ... yaaas! 💖

Grab your journal, get comfy and relax into this amazing meditation ... EXPECT EPIC CHANGES ZenFriends! 


Listen to a Sample ... click play, close your eyes and enjoy! 

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Peace and Love from My World to Yours
Lisa Whatley 💖






Namaste ZenFriend!