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Energy Healing Treatment + Aura Protection Guided Meditation

A guided full body self-healing meditation using healing light energy to help release stress and anxiety. You'll fill up with positive, loving, uplifting energy that will leave you feeling absolutely refreshed and revitalized ready to tackle your day ahead.


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Healing Light Energy Treatment & Lightbody Protection Guided Meditation 

A guided full body healing meditation using healing light energy to help release stress and anxiety, feel amazing and fill up with positive energy for a full self-healing session.

This healing journey is a POWERFUL full body energy healing treatment (think Reiki Healing BUT on steroids) plus I'll guide you through a process of building PROTECTION for your LIGHTBODY and just this will help you clear, align, protect and strengthen your energy body which will then help you to repel negative, dense or disharmonic frequencies associated with all types of negative energy, psychic attack and all other means of personal field infiltration.

This protection process alone is 100 times more powerful and effective than the bubble of white light and worth your time to go on the journey!

Throughout the majority of the journey I have encoded super fab healing energies … so you should be feeling absolutely amazing once you come back to waking consciousness … so grab your journal, get comfy and relax into this amazing meditation ... EXPECT EPIC CHANGES!  💋


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PS: Have a look at the 12th Dimensional Pillar of Light and consider adding it to your order. It's a powerful protection technique plus I share a lot of information on why it is so important to use on a daily basis.




Namaste ZenFriend!