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Healing Guided Meditation Journey

Listen to this every night before you go to bed! Every day in every way my life is getting better and better affirmation statement infused with Reiki energy! 


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Join Lisa Whatley in the Every Day in Every Way guided healing journey that if you do every night before bed and continue it while you are sleeping for the next 30 days … you'll be raving about how awesome it really is! What you are about to do is change your vibration by marinating in the Reiki Energy Lisa has infused throughout and program your subconscious mind with the affirmation statement. The most important thing you should do before falling asleep is to place within your mind all the beautiful things you wish to experience in your life because this is the instructions that you send out for you to experience the following day. 

So todays meditation starts off by going through a quick guided journey where you'll simply allow yourself to rest, relax and most importantly let go of the day that you just experienced. Let go of all the problems, worries, concerns and move into the affirmation statement. The entire healing journey has been infused from start to finish with Reiki Healing for Producing Perfect Results from Lisa Whatley a Reiki Master Teacher | Practitioner with over twenty years' experience. This high-frequency light energy will powerfully amplify the Every Day in Every Way My Life is Getting Better and Better statement … which is instructing your mind that improvements are taking place in your life right now, that these wonderful shifts will continue to take place well into your future and that these amazing improvements will happen in every single area of your life. 

This statement will assist you in rewiring your brain to not only accept and believe in the potential for this great change to manifest in your life but also to instantly empower you with a deep sense of reassurance that you can and you will begin to live your desired reality however it is so important to note that before you fall asleep you must really deeply connect with the statement. So ideally before falling asleep, sit on the edge of your bed until you really dig deep within during the affirmation portion, spending the time repeating it for at least five minutes. Then while it is still playing, lie down and continue to use your visualizing process until you drift off to sleep allowing your mind and body to continue to marinate in all its yummy goodness … miracles are coming so expect epic changes!

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