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Full Moon Meditation Infused with Reiki SKU: 188390

Guided Meditation Journey Infused with Reiki

FULL MOON Meditation Infused with Reiki to Remove Obstacles and Blockages PLUS Reiki to Clear Your Aura and Chakras


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I invite you to do this full moon healing ceremony anytime three days before the full moon, the day of the full moon or anytime three days after the full moon BUT in all honesty, you can do this healing journey whenever you are intuitively guided to release something from your life or when you want to clear your aura and chakras. You don't have to wait for the energy of the full moon to take time for loving self-care. Anytime you are feeling blocked, confused or things aren't going your way all you have to do is just plug yourself into this journey!

It's simple and highly effective and here's why … 

I have infused the entire guided journey from start to finish with REIKI TO REMOVE OBSTACLES, BLOCKAGES AND STAGNANT ENERGIES. It has been designed to clear your aura, cleanse your chakras and rebalance your entire system. This will help you feel peaceful, healthy and abundant allowing you to be magnetic to your dreams with the overall benefit of fulfilling your wishes by using it in combination of releasing what is no longer serving you and then planting dream seeds into your subconscious mind. All of this is done via this guided journey. 

Clearing your energy field along with planting dream seeds is HIGHLY EMPOWERING and absolutely required to MANIFEST AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE … … so expect epic changes my friend!

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Namaste ZenFriend!