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Healing Ourselves & the World | Ascension, Awakening and World Peace SKU: 193977

Guided Meditation with Reiki Infusions

Love Unites ... be filled with light and rejoice in an abundance of love, health, happiness, peace and prosperity. 


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Expanding awareness is sweeping the globe with astounding momentum stimulating humanity on a cellular level to wake up and discover its power. Therefore, it is most important for you to accept that you ARE a powerful being.

You must love and accept yourself for who you are and when you can lovingly recognize yourself as your own creation … you free yourself from the mass-induced trance of powerless living.

You are evolving toward learning to use your thoughts in productive ways so that you can alter your life and our world and create a brand new paradigm of reality.

They call it new earth.

Take this journey often and as always ... expect epic changes!


PS: The entire guided journey has been infused from start to finish with Reiki to Clear Trauma, Pain and SufferingReiki for Healing and Reiki to Restore Peace, Love and Joy.


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Namaste ZenFriend!